Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Writing Team Procedures

Writing Team Procedures - Google Docs

Writing Team Procedures

  • Start with one writer and do not move on until the first writer is satisfied with the quality and quantity of feedback.

  • Writers should begin by explaining what type of writing they have brought and explain the purpose in the writing.

  • Writers should share any concerns they have about the writing; for example, “I don’t think my introduction grabs the reader’s attention.” or "I'm not sure the voice you hear is the one I intended."

  • Writers should read their papers ALOUD to the team. Team members should listen and make comments on paper as they go.

  • Feedback should be specific, nonjudgmental and thorough.

  • Writers should then engage in a dialogue with the team members, asking questions and seeking clarification on feedback.

  • Writers should take their own notes on the discussion using their paper. Writers are not obligated to make all of the changes recommended by the team, but they must consider them.

  • Following the "out loud" reading, share your paper with others for quiet reading.

All drafts and revision feedback should be handed in to Mr. Koch with the final draft.

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