Friday, October 1, 2010

ClassBlog: The Great Gatsby

ClassBlog: The Great Gatsby

Speed Search Assignment - an introduction to the Roaring 20's and The Great Gatsby

Investigate the 1920's and the time surrounding the story of Nick, Jordan, Gatsby, Daisy and Tom.

What was this time period like? What was it like living on Long Island at that time? Were there really mansions like Gatsby's on Long Island then? What types of things did people do for fun? What were speakeasies and what role did they play in the social scene? What kind of music was popular? Did guys like Gatsby really exist?

The indicator that you have completed your research is a collection ofvisuals representing different facets of the 1920's. Be creative! Use any visual material to complete your assignment. You will share your visuals with the class at the next meeting. This is an individual assignment:

The images represent events and items from the 1920's

The images are colorful and neatly done

The images are size appropriate for classroom viewing

The images are presented to the class in a clear manner

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